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We have put together a simple, easy to use instruction page with video footage to show you the correct positions within the golf swing.
The golf swing  comprises of some key fundamental positions that simply cannot be observed in real time or by watching golf on TV!
These positions, are the building blocks needed to develop a good, repetitive golf swing. A lot of these drills and positions can be
practised at home. We hope that you will find these videos helpfull. Remember, there is no "quick fix" in golf! It takes time and patience to put these fundamentals into practise. The more you can train your body to repeat these movements the more successful you will become.
We successfully use video swing analysis to help golfers to improve their game. By seeing your swing, and being able to view and compare certain positions in your swing in ultra slow-mo or frame by frame, to the best swings in golf, you are placed in a position where you have a great "mental picture" of what you need to work on to improve your ball striking and consistantcy.
Follow the instructions below, repeat them as often as possible and you will be on your way to building a solid golf swing.
If you need help with your swing then please contact the Pros @ Wagner's.  Johan du Buisson, 0845060650 or JP de Jager, 0724694455
The Grip
The Correct Posture
Aim & Alignment
The Backswing
The Downswing Sequence
Impact: The Moment of Truth
The moment of truth, impact. All great players get into the above position. There is no hitting with the hands & wrists in the golf swing! The left & right wrist will be slightly bowed backwards. The hands must lead the clubhead through the ball. The right arm will still be bent &  the elbow will be tucked into the right side at impact. The turning (rotation) of the body releases the clubhead after impact, not the hands or wrists! Most amateur golfers try & hit at the ball causing inconsistent striking & poor directional control.  What you see on TV is an optical illusion!! The hands & wrists do not "cross over" as it seems. It is the rotation after the impact zone that create the illusion. Slow it down to frame by frame using our video analysis and you will clearly see this. You can use a old tyre, wooden block etc; to perfect the feeling of the "bowed" wrists at impact. A little brain teaser. Why on a short putt, that is a very slow & controlled movement,with hardly any body motion except the shoulders and arms, would you want to keep your hands & wrists quiet to keep the ball on line, but on a long shot, with a lot of body movement you try and use your hands & wrists to hit the ball on line?
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