Wagner's Golf Academy
Price List
(Valid as of 1 December 2016) Prices subject to change without notice.
We have various pricing options to suit your needs
VISITORS FEES: Prices are per bucket per person. No sharing
Driving Range Balls: Visitors:
30 Balls per bucket: R35.00 cash per player
60 Balls per bucket: R60.00 cash per player
90 Balls per bucket: R85.00 cash per player
120 Balls per bucket: R100.00 cash per player
Green Fees for the golf course:  
9 Holes: R60.00 cash per player
18 Holes: R100.00 cash per player
SAVE BETWEEN 10% and 50% when purchasing
Prepaid Range Ball Cards:
10 X Buckets of 60 range balls: R540.00 cash 
20 X Buckets of 60 range balls: R960.00 cash
30 X Buckets of 60 range balls: R1260.00 cash
40 X Buckets of 60 range balls: R1440.00 cash
50 X Buckets of 60 range balls: R1500.00 cash
Prepaid Rounds of Golf Cards:  
10 X 9 Holes (or 5 X 18) R540.00 cash
20 X 9 Holes (or 10 X 18) R960.00 cash
30 X 9 Holes (or 15 X 18) R1260.00 cash
40 X 9 Holes (or 20 X18) R1440.00 cash
50 X 9  Holes (or 25 X 18) R1500.00 cash
through Darling Golf Club. POA
Prices valid from 1 December 2016. Subject to change without notice
Right of admission is reserved by Management
Players not adhering to the rules will be asked to leave without refund.
Children are to be controlled & supervised at all times by their parent/s. No Children are allowed on the greens.
These facilities are used at your own risk. Wagner's cannot be held responsible or liable
for any form of injury or death to person(or persons) or theft or damage to property.
If you cause any damage to property, injury or death to person or persons you solely shall be deemed responsible
for your actions.
DEBIT/CREDIT CARD, minimum spend of R50.00
Golf Lessons available