Wagner's Golf Academy
Price List
(Valid as of 1 February 2022) 
Subject to change without notice

Visitors Fees: Prices per person, no sharing
Driving Range Balls:
30 Balls per bucket       R40.00
60 balls per bucket       R70.00
90 balls per bucket       R95.00
120 balls per bucket     R110.00
​150 balls per bucket     R140.00

Par 3 Golf Course
9 holes                          R70.00
18 holes                        R120.00

Pre-paid Cards: discount 10% to 50%
A unit can be used for 60 balls or 9 holes on the Par 3 Course
10 Units    R630.00
20 Units    R1120.00
30 Units    R1470.00
40 Units    R1680.00
50 Units    R1750.00
Cards are per person and may not be shared.Only the card holder derives the benefit of the discount & usage of the grass tee box (subject to availability)

Putting & Chipping Only
​We charge R20.00 for 1 hour for those that only wish to practice their short game. Pay & Play.

9 Hole Wedgie Course
R30.00 to play 9 holes

These facilities are used at your own risk.Wagner's Golf Academy accepts no liability for any form of injury or death to 
theft of motor vehicles parked on our premises. If you cause any damage to property, cause injury or death to person (or persons) you solely shall be deemed responsible and liable for your actions.
Players not adhering to the rules or without any etiquette or consideration for others, may be asked to leave without refund
Children may not be on the greens unless supervised by a Pro or a parent.