Wagner's Social Club
This club has been in existance for over 17 years. The aim of the
Club has been to afford players the opportunity to play on a
different golf course once a month. Competitions are organized
on each of these days to add a bit more spice to the day.
The joining fees are R400.00 per annum, to be paid by the first game.
Those joining later in the year will be charged a pro-rata rate
Application for Wagner's Social Club Membership
First Name  
Postal code  
Date of Birth  
Golf Club Member?  
At what Club?  
Official Handicap  
Date of Application  
Subs are R400.00 per annum. Please include payment with the form or
transfer the funds into the following account.
The Golf Academy Social Club
Account number 272261114
Branch Tyger Manor
Branch code 050-410
Bank Standard Bank
Please use your name as reference.
If this is an online application please copy/paste & email to Lothar Wagner at
[email protected]